Enable right-click on sites when it’s disabled

Have you ever went to a site, tried right clicking to view, say, the page source, and got an irritating message that said “Right-Click has been disabled”?

It’s so damn irritating!

Anyway, there is a easy way to enable the right-click again- but that may not always remove the stupid error box from appearing when attempting to right click. By this i mean, you will be able to right click, but you will still have to close the error box.

To do this you will need Mozilla Firefox; firefox in my opinion is way better than chrome, as I had more than a few problems on certain websites with chrome, but anyway!


1.Open up Firefox web Browser,Choose ‘Tool’ –> ‘Option’.

2.Select ‘Content’ –> ‘Advanced’.

3.In Advanced Javascript setting wizard, uncheck ‘Disable or replace context menu’ and click ‘OK’.Then close all the wizard.

Restart your browser, and then try to right click again, you may get the error box again, but just close it and you will see the context menu again!

Until next time!


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