Using RSS Feeds and Filters in AltBinz


Altbinz is a small and powerful little news reader, and for a bunch of you news readers and lovers out there, I’m gonna show you on how to setup the filters so Altbinz will grab those important pieces of news you don’t want to miss.

I highly recommend you donate to have access to updated versions of altbinz, as the leaked one’s floating around contain viruses and all other types of std’s which you don’t want.

Firstly, what is RSS feeds? is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Many news-related sites, weblogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it. The benefit of Altbinz is that, and I’m quoting this from the altbinz wikipage, the Altbinz engine allows periodic scanning of various RSS feeds. It includes a powerful but user-friendly autodownload filter that enables precise selection of only the files that you need, as well as an exclusion list that prevents download of duplicate files, or files in formats that you don’t want, etc. So you can easily run the timed scan unattended without worrying about unnecessary downloads. Once an item is selected for autodownload, Alt.binz grabs the NZB file from the site, downloads it to your default folder, then opens it and adds the file list to the download queue.

So now that you kind-of know what a RSS filter is, how will we implement this into Altbinz to actually do what it says it does?

First, find the RSS button on the tabs-

Now click on it, duh.

Now, click on the filters tab, which is the first red circle.

this will open a new window, with nothing in or a bunch of grayed out text. This is where you are gonna put your rules and filters on telling altbinz what to download, and what not to download.

to give you a random example on a filter which will download tv shows as they come out:


*show.time.S04* | A | | H:\Series\Show Time\Season 4 

*720* | D
*1080* | D

Firstly, notice the heading of the two paragraphs, Include and Exclude- its clear on what they mean.

look at the include one, say, show time.

*show.time.S04* | A | | H:\Series\show time\Season 4

You see the filter begins with * and then the shows name where spaces are replaced with “.” then “S” for season, and then the number of the season which starts with season 4, so in the filter you will write “S04”

The “A” and “D” are for allow and deny-

 string_to_search_for | A <-- "Allowed"
 string_to_search_for | D <-- "Denied"

any string which ends with “D” wont be downloaded, and any string which ends with “A” will be downloaded! Easy!

The “| | H:\Series\show time\Season 4” after the “A” for allow is the directory to where the downloaded file(s) will be extracted to, which works great, but altbinz still has problems on deleting the original downloaded files after extraction….Altbinz will create the directory folders if it does not exist!

Below the Exclude header you will see that any 720 or 1080 video files will not be downloaded. This will included any of the above search string which is allowed with the string “720” or “1080” in.

So now that you have a basic understanding on how to setup the whole filter, where will you get the rss feed from?

Altbinz did have some problems handling the feeds from NZBMatrix, but that should be fixed now, besides, for the rss feed to work correctly in altbinz you would have to use nzbmatrix direct download rss feed which you can only access if you donate money to the site. You will have to look for sites which will give you rss feeds with direct links! You can try and google for these.

after you have a rss address, you enter it here at the second red circle-

then press the timer button.

Then press on the setup button on the toolbar and go to–>

and make sure your “Autopush connec”t and “Autopush RSS timer Button” is checked. Press ok and restart your altbinz.

If you done everything correct, Altbinz will now monitor the rss feed and download the files accordingly!

Until Next Time!

*only for educational purpose and now for illegal use*


Enable right-click on sites when it’s disabled

Have you ever went to a site, tried right clicking to view, say, the page source, and got an irritating message that said “Right-Click has been disabled”?

It’s so damn irritating!

Anyway, there is a easy way to enable the right-click again- but that may not always remove the stupid error box from appearing when attempting to right click. By this i mean, you will be able to right click, but you will still have to close the error box.

To do this you will need Mozilla Firefox; firefox in my opinion is way better than chrome, as I had more than a few problems on certain websites with chrome, but anyway!


1.Open up Firefox web Browser,Choose ‘Tool’ –> ‘Option’.

2.Select ‘Content’ –> ‘Advanced’.

3.In Advanced Javascript setting wizard, uncheck ‘Disable or replace context menu’ and click ‘OK’.Then close all the wizard.

Restart your browser, and then try to right click again, you may get the error box again, but just close it and you will see the context menu again!

Until next time!